Incitatifs gouvernementaux

Le programme CHANGEZ D'AIR! vise à remplacer les vieux appareils de chauffage qui contribuent à la pollution atmosphérique. Ce programme offre des incitatifs financiers aux consommateurs pour le retrait et le remplacement d'un appareil de chauffage au bois répondant aux normes environnementales actuelles.

Foyer Suprême est fier d'annoncer sa participation au programme et de vous rappeler que tous nos produits sont admissibles.


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Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace

A wood burning fireplace is the centre of your home; an open invitation to come and gather and an irresistible enticement to stay, a hub where dreams are fashioned, where relationships blossom, and where memories are forged. Your wood burning fireplace charms all your senses, offers calm and serenity as it shuts out the hustle
and bustle of everyday life.

Supreme, your provider of warmth, elegance, and reliability for over 30 years, is a convivial family owned business dedicated to its environmental responsibility, its customers, and its full line of products.

The GALAXY won the Vesta award this year for best new product in the hearth division. This is the most prestigious award given within our industry to recognize and honour companies for their innovation in
product design and technology.
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