FUSION 24 F I R E P L A C E I N S E R T S Wood Burning Fireplace Insert 22 The Fusion 24 insert seamlessly introduces modern-day technology to any existing fireplace. With its tasteful, contemporary design and expansive firebox – among the industry’s largest – the Fusion 24 ensures you don’t forfeit the beauty of your masonry while improving the heating and comfort of your home. Its flush-mount surround complements a multitude of decorating themes and its impressive viewing panel ensures that the compelling beauty of the fire is always the centerpiece. The Fusion’s sleek style is equaled by the sophistication of its engineering, with several patented technologies that underpin its peerless operation, providing instant ignition at the push of a button and long-lasting fires that exude fewer emissions. The Fusion 24 offers an attractive way to update an old fireplace with the very latest heating technology. EPA 28 & 5G option 3, CSA B-415.1.10, UL 1482 and ULC S628 4.4 g/hr SPECIFICATIONS Heat Capacity 2,000 square feet 90,000 BTUs/hour (based on a 33 lb load of wood) 2.4 cubic feet 5 inch liner 7/325,547 & 9/476,593 22¾” x 12¼” Max. Heat Output EPA Firebox Size Certifications Chimney Glass Dimensions Patent Numbers Emissions