Wood Burning Fireplace Insert


Fire up your decor by transforming an old masonry fireplace into a blazingly efficient heat source with the Volcano Plus insert. With its discreet surround that complements a wide range of existing structures, the Volcano Plus is the wood-burning insert of choice for homeowners looking for versatility fused with revolutionary heating technology.

With its wide glass viewing panel and large firebox, the Volcano Plus invites you to draw close to enjoy the dramatic play of fire and flame. Three patented technologies work together to create long-lasting, consistent fires while producing far less smoke and emissions than its mighty namesake. The variable-speed dual-fan system ensures that areas up to 2,000 square feet are heated with scorching efficiency.

EPA certified, the Volcano Plus is an ideal option for those wanting to replace an energy-draining fireplace with the most innovative heating solution available today.


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